Independents still rule

Having just returned from Diversicon, I’m happy to report that Uncle Hugo’s is still alive and thriving. (This is something that everyone in the Twin Cities and probably across the country already knows.) Uncle Hugo’s is the oldest independent science fiction bookstore in the country, begun in 1974. Long may it reign! Photos courtesy of Scott Lohman, chair of Diversicon.

Doing my part to hold up the indies. Also bought a stack of books after my signing.

Frighteningly, owner Don Blyly knows where every book is.

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  1. paul_carlson says:

    That’s great!

    Very very few genre-indie stores left here in northern California.

  2. princejvstin says:

    I’m sorry prior engagements and an inability to get the day off caused me to miss your visit.

    Uncle Hugo’s is a warren, but its an awesome place to find and buy books. 🙂

  3. Kay says:

    Dark lords can always get in the way. I understand!

  4. Kay says:

    Sadly, a trend. Let’s all try to buy a few books at the remaining ones. Are there any you can recommend in your neck of the woods?

  5. paul_carlson says:

    Indie Book Stores

    The one I’m most familiar with is in the heart of downtown Berkeley, on Shattuck Square. It’s called “The Other Change of Hobbit” and they host quite a few book signings. (I saw Elizabeth Moon there about a year ago.)

    There are others, of course, but that one is the only local store I’ve been to that focused on the speculative fiction genres.

  6. Kay says:

    Re: Indie Book Stores

    Glad to hear it’s still around!

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