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If you haven’t yet discovered Drabblecast, a podcast sight for “strange stories,” you must go there now. Norm Sherman is one of the best voices and actors in the business, and his renditions of these tales are something to behold. drabbleThey’ll do right by you if you’re thinking of pitching them for a story of your own. Stories under 3,000 words.

Also, check out the flash fiction. The podcast before mine opened with a 100 word stroke of brilliance by Steve Lidster, “Yarn.” It made me want to try to write a 100 word story.

My story, “Kingdom Come,” takes place in the universe of my best-selling first novel, The Seeds of Time, and features a retired spacer escaping from an institution and braving the new world of a transformed Earth. If I can say so, it’s both heart warming and scary; one of my favs.

Drabblecast 138.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many Thanks for the gracious comment

    Dear Kay,

    Thank you so very much for your kind comments on my drabble, “Yarn.” Appearing on the drabblecast marks my first publishing credit, and that alone was a high point of my year. To have such nice things said by a major best-selling author, leaves me somewhat at a loss for words. I often feel I put the “F” in fledgling author, but today I feel like I earned an “A” for aspiration.

    I owe it to you to buy some of your books now, and I owe it to myself to read them. Always looking for new literature to read, and I am looking forward to hearing your story on the Drabblecast this evening as soon as time permits.

    Again, my most deepest thanks on your comments, and posting about the drabblecast and linking to my blog here on your site.


    Steven D. Lidster

  2. Kay says:

    Re: Many Thanks for the gracious comment

    Oh, Steven, you are most welcome. Writers are usually eager to point to new wondrous works; it reassures us all that the inspiration is unending. Keep writing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re: Many Thanks for the gracious comment

    Oh, I will, the DC forumites have tried to figure out a way to shut me up, but have failed dismally… (Just kidding there, the DC forum is one of the most active communities of creative minds I’ve ever found.)

    I’m about 1/3rd of a way through my first novel. Gaining more and more admiration than ever at just what a daunting task it can be, but gratifying too.

    I hope we can drag you over there. I’ve got scads of stuff in the Drabbles section, and a short story there to boot. I kind of like my short story that I have posted called “Two” but it seems like maybe it’s still a little flat. I’d love your input if you have a chance to give it a read.

    I loved your feature on the Drabblecast. Wonderful narrative, great descriptions, and I love old-spacer geezers.

    Isn’t it great to hear something you’ve written read by such talent? I’m honored to be able to share that feeling with all of the bona-fide authors that have gotten to have their works imbued with Norm’s magic.

    Norm’s gonna be a big thing some day, methinks.

  4. Kay says:

    Re: Many Thanks for the gracious comment

    Thanks, Steven-glad you enjoyed it. Let’s spread the word about Norm and Drabblecast. Very deserved.

  5. sdlidster says:

    Absolutely, I already do my best to be an active Drabblevangelist, and I’m glad there’s another voice, (especially one in field) spreading the word.

    Here’s a link to that story of mine I mentioned, “Two” , that you might hopefully find entertaining, or at least, mildly amusing.


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