Things I’ll Do Differently This Year in the Biz

Because (I suppose) I’m a novelist, I can’t think of just one. Here’s a bunch:

1. Read more fantasy. (I’m tiring of SF, alas)
2. ID the best blogs and take more time to read them.
3. Keep a better eye out in my contracts for e-rights.
4. Learn to do two new marketing things, and drop two ineffective ones. (Hmm. But which is which?)
5. Determine which is which.
6. Get away from keyboard 4 x week for aerobic exercise.
7. Be grateful. (10th novel will be published this month!)
8. Practice quick dips into the web, rather than hour-long time-drains.
9. In this chaotic publishing environment: practice flexibility, curiosity, creativity.
10. Brush cat once a week while thinking of absolutely nothing.

Happy New Year, friends!

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  1. I’m curious — what are you tiring of in SF? (I’m rather feeling the same way, which is why I was wondering)

  2. Kay says:

    Tired of SF

    I wish I could articulate it better, but some thoughts are that my fav authors have recently disappointed; I’m finding more SF novels incomprehensible, with needlessly bewildering plots and confusing technologies; some of the brightest authors see a future I find unnerving and mundane life was full of enough bad news last year. Also I’m missing good characterization. I used to think that SF could deliver riveting characters — and thank goodness for the great exceptions — but I’m finding fewer examples lately.

    God, I feel like such a traitor.

  3. kateelliott says:

    I really need to work on 8.

  4. kateelliott says:

    Re: Tired of SF

    I think SF can definitely deliver riveting characters, but there sure seems to be a subset that does not. I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of Alastair Reynolds’ novels, most recently THE PREFECT. I liked his characters as well as the plot.

  5. Re: Tired of SF

    I think is right — science fiction can definitely deliver riveting characters, but I think the problem is that with the state of SF at the moment, the number of books by experienced writers is dropping (attrition and the SF market)and fewer newer authors are coming on to the SF scene, so we end up with fewer good character-based books.

    Wanting a good read doesn’t make you a traitor, especially when you’re doing your best to bring new such onto the scene.

  6. lmarley says:

    Re: Tired of SF

    It really is hard to articulate this, but I’m feeling the same thing. It’s been too long since I read an sf novel that was FUN. They all seem so dismal, and so fascinated with trivial technologies that seem to take the place of interesting characters I can care about.

    Just waiting for that new Connie Willis novel! And in the meantime, I’ve been reading (gasp!) literary fiction, and really enjoying it. Maybe that says more about me as a reader than about the genre, but I don’t really believe that.

  7. Kay says:

    Re: Tired of SF

    I’m hoping to see a resurgence in SF. Pyr, for example, is publishing some incredible SF from the likes of Ian McDonald and Paul McAuley.

  8. lmarley says:

    Re: Tired of SF

    I’ll certainly read it if it’s fun! I hate working too hard. I’ve always felt if I don’t read for pleasure, I won’t write for pleasure, and then no one will want to read me!!

  9. Kay says:

    Re: Tired of SF

    Directly to the heart of the matter, IMHO.

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