We Have Liftoff

PRINCE OF STORMS, hardcover, all systems go.
CITY WITHOUT END, trade paper, lift off confirmed.

Did we all fasten our seatbelts?

Signed copy

Prince of Storms is the perfect conclusion to what could well be one of the most ambitious and fascinating ongoing scifi series out there.
— Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

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  1. panzertron says:

    Sweet ^_^ Can’t wait to pick up Prince of Storms and see where it all goes.

  2. Kay says:

    Thanks very much. Hope it lives up to all the hype I’m stirring up!

  3. princejvstin says:

    Ditto. Need to get this soonest and see how it all wraps up.

    So, Kay, what DO you tackle next?

  4. Kay says:

    It’s a contemporary fantasy, doing a riff on a historical period. Yeah, I did say fantasy. Having a blast with it.

  5. princejvstin says:

    I know its a cliche that lots of SF writers are doing fantasy these days.

    On the other hand, some aspects of the Rose and the Entire quartet feel fantasy like, or at least planetary romance. So its not as much of a stretch as one might think.

  6. Kay says:

    You’re right, that series was a transitional story framework that straddled sf and f. But man, once you introduce *magic* you’re really in another game!

  7. Anonymous says:


    No major bookstores have your AWESOME books! I guess I will have to go to the UW Seattle (shameless plug) and buy one from there!

  8. Kay says:

    Re: Bummed!

    Well, Barnes and Noble carries it in their brick and mortar stores; must’ve sold out! But I am similarly bummed if they haven’t reordered. Signed copies are available, if you check out my website.

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