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I’m very excited to announce that I have a new novel coming out. This is a project I’ve been working on for several years. It’s an epic tale of magic in a reimagined England and India, where a Victorian woman dares to take on the scientific establishment — and the British Raj. The title is  A Thousand Perfect Things– available in late August from Premier Digital Publishing.

But we have a problem! We have two great covers for this story. Since we can’t decide between them, I’m asking for your help. In the comment block, please cast your vote for the best cover. Those who vote will be entered into a drawing for a free book!

Cover #1

A Thousand Perfect Things working 2 LD-01







Cover #2

A Thousand Perfect Things working LD-01














Many thanks. I’m eager to hear what you think. Please share this!


About Premier Digital Publishing

I am so pleased to bring out this novel with Premier Digital. The company is led by digital media veterans Thomas Ellsworth and Hutch Morton. Among their authors are thriller writers Alan Jacobson and Ken Bruen and SF bestseller Piers Anthony. Their new distribution agreement with Ingram will give them a global reach in eBook, print and brick and mortar retail. Premier offers authors a revenue share comparable to self publishing. The company is based in LA with offices in Toronto and New York.

It’s a fast-changing digital publishing world. This is a new approach for me, and one I’m very excited about!

131 Responses

  1. Michele L Casteel says:

    As a graphic designer, I prefer the image on Cover #1. I like the typestyle for your name – but I think they could do better on the title – it almost seems too plain and large – maybe an old-fashioned font like “Photoplay” or Poor Richard – and possibly not ALL CAPS ?

  2. Paul Carlson says:

    I’m all for cover #1. 🙂
    They’re both quite striking, and beautiful artwork.

    The first version is, I think, much more unusual, and thought provoking.
    As for the other, it could be a yoga instruction booklet. 😉

    Best, Paul C

  3. cindy fraley says:

    Cover one please

  4. C. Mullican says:

    I think cover #2 is more eye-catching, but the color / font on the title needs work. The color is blending into the clouds and hard to read. The font might work if the color were fixed, but really, I just don’t like it, regardless.

  5. CCW Thomas says:

    Cover #1 – But the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum, while Parliament is a political building.

  6. Leitchy says:

    Kay, cover #1. And I decided before I read all the comments. 🙂

  7. Dave Maarten says:

    Cover #1, definitely. Though, shouldn’t the London architecture be blurred if it’s in the water?

  8. John R. Douglas says:

    It looks like I’m voting in the minoroty but I have to support the image and treatment on #2. The title type, though, is not right. The typeface is fine, nicely fantasy fancy, if you will, but the color choice works against the need to have the title readable against the background of the art. Stronger color, maybe, or a more solid take on the typeface as it stands, possibly a darker outlining around or even inside the letters.

    I get why people like #1 because it’s a striking image, once you notice the difference between the image and the reflection–but that isn’t an immediate eye-hit for me. Part of my problem with it would be that the whole cover treatment strikes me as being right for an SF novel and wrong for a fantasy novel. Too hard-edged. Too technical, almost. And, I have to say that I found the backgrounding on the initial to be distracting and annoying rather than provocative.

    In general, though, I’ve never been a fan of title treatments that put one word into a different typeface than the rest of the title and you have that in both approaches.

  9. Anni says:

    As much as I like the colours of the second cover, the first is definitely easier on the eye and I prefer it.

  10. Irene Gallant says:

    I choose Cover #1. It’s clearer, eye catching and makes me want to know what the story is about.

  11. EMC says:

    I’m really drawn to cover #1 – I want to pick that book up and read it. I have to know what’s inside!

    The lotus flower on cover #2 is interesting enough, but the rest of it doesn’t really say much to me. The only reason I’d pick up that book is because your name is on the cover.

  12. Joyce Hatton says:

    Given a personal choice I’d say “Go for Cover 1”. Aesthetically it’s streets ahead but I’d also lay odds that any publisher of paper editions would insist on cover 2 as being more eyecatching on the shelf. Both are pleasing (and aren’t you lucky there – even to be given a choice) but Cover 1 is so much more restrained it is far less likely to push mass sales. I once saw a TV programme here in the UK about the influence W H Smith has on covers and their conferencing on the books they would push wholly depending on the covers that would catch the eye on shelves.

    P.S. I do hope this volume doesn’t remain solely in the e-book format – I remain deeply attached to the infinite variety of paper editions and would only choose an e-reader if I went travelling. Please don’t forget those of us who have bought all your books to date and prefer the old fashioned format with all its variety of type, weight, heft, paper and even scent and which we will still be able to read in a few years when perhaps power cuts are a normal part of everyday life.

  13. Kay says:

    Joyce, thanks for the comments. We are paying close attention, here. The book will come out in paper as well, I’m happy to report. Premier Digital Publishing has been working to expand its reach and has made arrangements with Ingrams for distribution.

  14. Dian Thompson says:

    My preference is #1. I don’t care for the explosion on 2.

  15. Annette Stevens says:

    #1 – If I were to see the two on a table I would definitely be drawn to # 1!!! Really looks like its worth reading just by the cover! Really sounds like a great book to read. I can’t wait.

  16. Harold Faulk says:

    Cover #1

  17. Don Tyler says:

    I vote for cover #1.

  18. Rosy Lillian says:

    No. 1 would make me want to pick it up–or get a sample. No. 2 is a bit boring, i.e., just another fantasy cover. Also it doesn’t convey the English element that is part of the novel, according to your own description. I think the “Ones” have it.

  19. Cover #1, for sure!

  20. I choose cover #1. There are many elements which I think add to the intrigue in this story, the softer browns, the distance and perspective with the buildings in the far back. I especially like the reflections in the water, that says a lot. I also like the type face the book title is done in. Cover #1 has a more epic feel, a more literary feel to it. I don’t like the yellow or the type face for cover #2. It feels a bit overdone, too much. It might be that cover #2 would work if those two aspects were to be changed. But I go for cover #1.

  21. Joe Romano says:

    Clearly #1. It’s very clean and evokes a deep sense of mystery with its focus on the Taj Mahal. The reflection of London pulls you deeper into the mystery.

  22. JC Crumpton` says:

    I am definitely going to select cover #1. The “mirror” image is particularly intriguing.

  23. Raghu R says:

    Definitely cover #1. The cover 2 is bright but it is not as clear as 1 – the contrast between the Taj and the Houses of Parliament is really intriguing.

  24. Vaughn Nelson says:

    Cover 1
    Enjoyed your presentation at RadCon, Pasco a couple of years ago. Gav e you a physics book, written for the general public.

  25. Kay says:

    Thanks for the vote, Vaughn. And for the book. I love physics, though I only get the edges of it.

  26. Justine says:

    Cover #1 It’s classy, reflective of both the West and the East and the possible conflict between the two

  27. Veronica Henry says:

    I definitely vote for cover #1. It is beautiful and mystical. I felt drawn to it. It begs your attention.

  28. Definitely #1. It’s much cleaner, the title is more legible int thumbnail, and the image is very clever, immediately creating a question in the reader’s mind.

  29. Robert Ipcar says:

    Cover #1
    Easy choice: The title is more readable from across the bookstore aisle.

  30. Pat says:

    Cover 1 is much better

  31. Okieman says:

    Speaking as a former graphic designer, #2 makes better use of color and space. However, if you go with #1, please note the title text is simply too plain compared to other cover art in the market. No huge changes required; just suggest to the designer that there seems to be an opportunity to make the title text a bit more evocative.

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