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Inviting you to drop by my new fan page on Facebook. (Kay Kenyon, Author) What’ll be there? Book talk, mostly. What’s up with the new book, contests, giveaways, favorite books, great posts on the wonderful world of SF/F and beyond!

Please drop by and give me a “Like!” I get some cool features from Facebook if I reach a certain number. And thanks!

2 Responses

  1. Nice site. Nice FB page. Good work all around. Raj-inspired Sci-Fi? Hmmm. The Raj seems pretty removed from reality already. Can India be more fantastical, than it already is?

  2. Kay says:

    India’s inherently fantastical qualities require just a little stretch on the reader’s part to take it all the way to magic. I hope to attract non-fantasy readers along with those who “already” have an open mind!

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