Top Writing the World Posts of 2013

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Courage, faith, balance. Essentials for the writing life

This year on my blog I’ve had fun sharing my views, exploring the writing industry and tracking the launch of my new book.

I’m very grateful to those of you who drop by from time to time check out the goings on and say hello.  It’s nice to know we’re not alone in this rather hermit-like practice of writing.

So, many thanks for helping to make this a great year, one for which I am deeply thankful, at least today, when I consider how blessed I am to be able to write stories and have contact with so many friends and acquaintances!


The Best of My Blog This Year.

 The Next Fiction Dream

 My Novel Meets the Hated Elevator Pitch

An Introvert’s Guide to Writing, Part 8

The Speed of Story

Writing What We Don’t Know

On Incurably Loving the Beginnings of Novels

Convergence of Ideas

The Inner Dragon

My Favorite:

The Mess of the Novel

photo - Version 2

Me and (trust me) Tobias Buckell at World Con

Me and (trust me) Tobias Buckell at World Con


Mase 'n me in park




2 Responses

  1. R.J.Hore says:

    Sounds like you have had a busy year. I’ve been giving some thought to doing my own 2013 recap and 2014 projection.

    My first two novels finally made it into print. Most of my friends still haven’t made the reading conversion from paper to electronic. My big bug-boo is the promotional part and getting the name out there so people know to look for them.

    2014 shaping up, with two sequels coming out and two novellas in an ebook series tentatively scheduled.

    Computer crashed last week but I seem to have survived that. Looking forward to 2014. Keep up the writing and promotion!


  2. Tom Hopp says:

    Thanks for the boxed set, Kay. I’d read most in the original posts, but it’s nice to get a recap. By the way, I don’t think I ever mentioned I really like the watercolor-paper backdrop to your posts.

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