Cover reveal: Book 3 Dark Talents Novels

Coming 2019

Here it is! The gorgeous cover of the next book in the Dark Talents Novels, Nest of the Monarch!

A huge thanks to Navah Wolfe and Saga Press!

(In this book, Kim Tavistoc’s mission is to Berlin and the Bavarian Alps, where she’s up to her eyebrows in myths, royals, treachery, partisans and a super race!)

Vote for your favorite cover (comment here) and I’ll enter you to win a free AUDIO version of At the Table of Wolves.


4 Responses

  1. David Fowler says:

    At The Table Of Wolves.Fedoras rule

  2. Carl Simoncic says:

    At The Table Of Wolves!

  3. Bryanne P. says:

    I think the cover for, ‘At the Table of Wolves’ is still my favorite. It has that old war mystery aesthetic and coloring that I just adore.

  4. Michele Fry says:

    Gonna have to go with the consensus and say At the Table of Wolves. It’s the hat.

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