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Grab it while it’s under a dollar ~

NOW through Thursday, June 24

From the view port of your lately-returned spaceship you see: A physics-defying crystal mantle shrouding the Earth.  Welcome home.

A finalist for the Philip K. Dick award.

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“A uniquely powerful tale.” —Booklist

“Full-bodied characters, palpable environs, layered mystery and heady suspense combine like the many facets of “Ice” in this sparkling SF novel.” —Publishers Weekly

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  1. Tom Stuen says:

    Any possibility of a follow up to Tropic of Creation? Vod and Sasha dealing with another of the group of DNA based aliens seeded by the ahtra?.

  2. Kay says:

    That’s tempting. I mean, that book had some depths I could explore further. I loved that story as I was writing it and thought at the time it was one of my best worlds. Right now I have four (!) books in progress, so if I ever did a sequel, it would be a good bit down the road. Thanks for reminding me about that one!

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