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An Introvert’s Guide to Writing, #3

In the opening installment of my ongoing series on Writing 101 for Introverts, I explained what introversion is and is not, and why we don’t need to be ashamed of being a tad more inner directed than people for whom a room full of people holding cocktails is nirvana.  Part 1. Part 2.

This installment’s on doldrums. You know, the garden variety, I-don’t-feel-like-writing this week (and in more severe cases this month and worse.) You don’t have the energy you tell yourself. You are not inspired. Oh really? Read More…

An Introvert’s Guide to Writing #2

In installment #1, I explained a few things about us introverts. How we are not shy, not ashamed, and not clueless networkers. Or not necessarily.

Today, for the speculative fiction writers out there, I’m going to concentrate on those unusual social events known as science fiction cons. (Why not just call them conventions? I don’t know. They are cons.) How does an introvert negotiate the shoals of these horrifying events? (Of course, they are only horrifying in the hallways and networking events. If you are listening to a panel or workshop, you are home free.) Read More…

An Introvert’s Guide to Writing #1

If you are a sociable writer with an outgoing personality and 800 Facebook  friends, hey, that’s cool. A lot of writers, though, aren’t and don’t. Some of us are more internally focused. Can you make it in the world of publishing if you’re the quiet type? I hope so, because I’m one of those. With these impeccable credentials, I hereby set out to guide other introverts in the wild world of publishing.

About Introversion

First, a word about introversion. It is not a disease, or a social handicap. Being an introvert does not mean you hate people, are irritable, or were too-soon potty-trained. Read More…