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Goodreads Giveaway!

My new book drops in 20 days, and I'm so pumped about it! To celebrate, we're giving away two free paperback copies of it on Goodreads. Even though I'm complimenting myself, I have to say the paperback is gorgeous. Remember, this is book 1 of a 4-book series, so grab this chance to check out the series and see if you're hooked.

What is The Girl Who Fell Into Myth about? Well, a girl who really does fall into a medieval kingdom! Enemies everywhere, very few allies; a magic power she hates and has to hide; a sorceress you'll love to hate and, of course, a slow-burn romance. You know you want it. Stop by Goodreads and enter to win. Until February 25.

"A story of powers and magic on a grand scale. This will be a series to treasure.” —Louisa Morgan, author of The Great Witch of Brittany

Enter giveaway. Now on preorder. Available: March 1


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