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“Kingdom Come” on Podcast

If you haven’t yet discovered Drabblecast, a podcast sight for “strange stories,” you must go there now. Norm Sherman is one of the best voices and actors in the business, and his renditions of these tales are something to behold.

They’ll do right by you if you’re thinking of pitching them for a story of your own. Stories under 3,000 words.

Also, check out the flash fiction. The podcast before mine opened with a 100 word stroke of brilliance by Steve Lidster, “Yarn.” It made me want to try to write a 100 word story.

My story, “Kingdom Come,” takes place in the universe of my best-selling first novel, The Seeds of Time, and features a retired spacer escaping from an institution and braving the new world of a transformed Earth. If I can say so, it’s both heart warming and scary; one of my favs.


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