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Let's meet up!

Here are two upcoming events where I'll be looking to connect with readers. (And writers, too.) One is local, and the other is in the world of Zoom.

On Saturday September 16th, I'll be in Leavenworth WA to sign Stranger in the Twisted Realm, the second book of my new fantasy quartet. Yup, it'll be out soon--on Tuesday--and those paperback copies (and hardcovers) are beautiful!

If you're local, drop by between 1:00 and 3:00 and say hi. A Book For All Seasons is a great bookstore. You can also order signed, personalized copies:

'Course, book one is already out. We'll have those, too!


Boost your writing chops

This regular Zoom meet-up is on odd-numbered months, so the next one is September 14. I'll answer questions on writing or your work-in-progress and others will jump in to help. Grab a jolt of inspiration, or just listen in to see how the magic happens! 5-6:00 PM PDT. From WOTR. $5 for nonmembers. Why only one-hour? Because you're that busy (me too.)


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