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Realms of Fantasy Review

I have just gotten ahold of a nice review for A World Too Near, though it appeared in June.

Realms of Fantasy reviewer Jeff VanderMeer wrote: “The second book in Kay Kenyon’s The Entire and The Rose series contintues the promise shown in book one, Bright of the Sky, a favorite of mine last year. The Entire is a marvelous parallel universe that includes a galaxy-spanning river and is populated by any number of amazing people and creatures.” He describes some of the plot surrounding the protagonist, Titus Quinn, and goes to say: “The details of Quinn’s quest make for stunning adventure fiction, while the mysteries revealed about the Entire are completely mind-blowing. Technically, this is science fiction because it’s set in the future, but more than anything it is epic fantasy and world-building on a grand scale. It would be criminal if this novel didn’t make the year’s best lists at the end of 2008.”


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