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Sleeping Hedgehog interview

This week Camille Alexa reviewed A Thousand Perfect Things for Sleeping Hedgehog: A Journal of An Untraditional Nature, the sister publication to Green Man Review. She followed it up with an interview.

Check it out here, where I talk frankly about:

  1. The line of characters waiting in the wing to grace or sabotage your story.

  2. My terrifying swings of opinion on the subject of characterization.

  3. My favorite characters.

  4. Why you must go to the desert to write.

  5. My theory of the short story.

Camille Alexa on my new novel:

“A Thousand Perfect Things, drew me along somewhat slowly at first, but partway through turned into one of those reading experiences you hate to leave, so you avoid work and skip dates and stay awake all night till you finish. I loved her heady mix of romance, history, action & adventure — a real mélange of both exotic and domestic flavors, blended like a fine imported tea.”


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