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Things I’ll Do Differently This Year in the Biz

Because (I suppose) I’m a novelist, I can’t think of just one. Here’s a bunch:

1. Read more fantasy. (I’m tiring of SF, alas) 2. ID the best blogs and take more time to read them. 3. Keep a better eye out in my contracts for e-rights. 4. Learn to do two new marketing things, and drop two ineffective ones. (Hmm. But which is which?) 5. Determine which is which. 6. Get away from keyboard 4 x week for aerobic exercise. 7. Be grateful. (10th novel will be published this month!) 8. Practice quick dips into the web, rather than hour-long time-drains. 9. In this chaotic publishing environment: practice flexibility, curiosity, creativity. 10. Brush cat once a week while thinking of absolutely nothing.

Happy New Year, friends!


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