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Warm hugs

Ever get discouraged in your writing?

Is the pope Catholic?

The latest book from writing guru Larry Brooks

Discouragement, not to mention torment, is normal in this delightful profession. We claim to be writers while our family secretly worries we’ve joined a cult, strangers at parties want to know when we’ll get a movie deal, the rejection letter pile gets ever higher while the publishing advances get smaller, newcomers zoom past those of who’ve been in the trenches for . . . well, skip that . . . and we’re now on the fifth re-write and the damn novel is still short of the goal post.

Do you need a warm hug?

Buy this book. It is chock full of masterly advice and perspective from one of our industry’s best–Larry Brooks, and contains a forward by James N. Frey which we should vow to reread once a month, and definitely before giving up writing for a real job.

Here is the book for Kindle.

It is also available as a pdf on Larry’s website.

Warm Hugs for Writers. Because sometimes fame and glory are not enough.


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