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What to do while waiting for pub day

Where I wish I was: Tuscany, Italy

Very excited to start counting down the days to publication of A Thousand Perfect Things. OK, it’s still 35 days until D-Day (or is it P-Day) but that doesn’t mean we’re, like, sitting around waiting. (Who’s “we”? Um. My publisher, my publicist, my cat, my long suffering friends who are lending a hand… and moi.)

What’s going on? Well, besides the fact that the swimming pool, the dishwasher, and my car broke down all on the same day  – this:

Where I actually am.

1. I’m writing up some blogs for my big blog tour. Trying to think of intelligent, yet unpretentious, and yet again, terribly clever, posts on a bunch of subjects. I feel like I’ve had too much caffeine. But I”m churning up opinions, some I didn’t even know I had.

2. Dipping into Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Author Page, GoodReads, and what not, chatting about stuff, and trying to be attentive to *other* people for godsakes.

3. Getting signings lined up.

4. Making appointments to do stuff, see people in San Antonio at World Science Fiction convention. I’ll be giving a talk on: **drumroll** AN INTROVERT’S GUIDE TO LONE STAR CON!

5. Setting up a nice page on this site to start sharing excerpts from… well, you know. BEGINS LATER THIS WEEK!

6. Listening with satisfaction tinged with embarrassment to nice things people are willing to say about me and my book. Such as in this Press release: Premier Digital Publishing.

But, am I writing a new book? Well sure, just don’t ask me my weekly page count!


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