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Writing friends, beaches, alligators

If there isn’t a conference, con, or retreat in sight–or one you feel attracted to–create your own. That’s what Louise Marley, Sharon Shinn and I did last week, when we met up at a So. Carolina beach house to write for week, read out loud, talk about the biz and much else–and hit the beach. Also, we saw an alligator. No, not on the beach, but it Was in the wild.

I’ve found that having writing friends is probably the single most important thing I’ve done in the writing life–besides write. Good friends provide support, information, connections, fun, and a perspective on the sometimes maddening field we for some reason find ourselves in. Glad I went: here’s some pix:

Louise Marley, Sharon Shinn

Endless beach.

Sharon and me.

Louise and me.



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