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Prince of Storms Out Early in Paperback

Pleased to announce that the concluding volume of The Entire and The Rose in trade paper is shipping early, on July 1st!  I’ll consider it a birthday gift for my next-day Queen of Everything celebration.

Pyr delivers a gorgeous cover with slightly different color treatment than the hardcover. I am thrilled with this brooding, dramatic and perfectly captured moment. Undying thanks to Stephan Martiniere for his care with my four-book series and for his genius.

From the reviewers:

Prince of Storms is the perfect conclusion to what could well be one of the most ambitious and fascinating ongoing scifi series out there. Highly recommended. . .” –Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“One of the most captivating multi-universe, multi-cultural settings in science fiction history.” –Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

See Kay’s interview with on the series.

More information on the series.


Signed copies. (hardcover, trade paper and Kindle editions) (all four books now available in audio editions)

3 Free Chapters of PRINCE of STORMS

Getting ready for the publication of Prince of Storms next week, Pyr is offering the opening chapters of the book on their

Free copy.
And for a free hardcover copy of the book, with a chance to win the entire set of The Entire and The Rose, you can enter a drawing at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist. Don’t worry, it’s easy! edition available on Tuesday. Books one, two and three.