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The rich are not like us

Some people get all the breaks. Like rich people and household-name authors. Sometimes it seems that you have to have money to make money and you have to be successful to succeed. That is, if you have certain advantages, all your efforts are disproportionately rewarded.

It reminds me of the oft repeated lament of authors that only those who don’t need more sales actually sell books at signings.

The rich–in whatever field–really do play by different roles than the rest of us. It’s not fair, and it hardly seems American. The myth of the land of the opportunity dies hard. We’re not all starting from the same place of visibility, contacts, appeal and privilege.

No one hates this more than I do, so for those of you who are getting in touch with resentment, I share your pain.

But given the truth of my post title, there are a couple of lessons that we can take away, and they are doosies. Read More…