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Thoughts on Story Theme

Theme is a loaded word. It conjures up middle school English classes where you have to cough up what the writer was trying to say in Silas Marner. (Wake up before you fall over asleep and break your nose on your desk?) But a couple days ago, I actually used theme to get out of a twist on a novel I’m writing. Situation: Great big plot. Lots of subplots. With so much material, so much to tell, how do I pare it down to a cohesive story?

At the recent Write on the River conference, I heard a hot presentation on the subject of theme in fiction and screenwriting by Brian McDonald. Many of his examples came from film, which is a tighter medium than a long novel–but still, I came away challenged by the idea to state “what I’m talking about” in one sentence. Read More…

Best Little Writing Conference in the Universe

Registration’s open for Write on the River, the best little writing conference in the known universe. Saturday, May 17, and Wenatchee WA will get a big dose of literary lights. Workshops from the likes of Aaron Elkins, Kathleen Alcala, and the phenomenal Brian McDonald (on filmmaking). Also–and I’m not kidding–Elizabeth George! Register now or kick yourself later! Also, there’s a dandy little writing contest you might like to check out. It’s easy: (and hey, this is for those just starting out as writers!) just write 1,000 words beginning with “On the river . . .” (Closes February 4.)

E. George
Elizabeth George, Write on the River
Keynote Speaker