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The Wonders of Setting

With all the demands of beginning a novel, it’s easy to overlook setting and milieu. It can feel like background. But attention here is well worth it. Payoffs include:

  • Snatching the competitive edge. Editors are jaded. Give them something new.
  • Sparking your imagination. Mine your setting, and let it keep your writing fresh.
  • Giving your story context and complexity.
  • Using the sensual world to deepen characters and their emotions. Read More…

Free Book Drawing: The Winners

Very happy to announce the winners of the drawing for a free book from my series, The Entire and The Rose. Thanks to all who entered from around the world!

In the interest of full transparency, I must reveal that when it came time to supervise the drawing, Sumo was nowhere to be found. My husband and I carried on without him, and here are the winners: (I added a fourth winner because we drew two names at once.)

Zack Delarosa, from Commerce City, Colorado. (A World Too Near)

Marina Bonomi, Sona, Italy (Bright of the Sky)

Ryan Mallady, Snoqualmie, Washington (Bright of the Sky)

Guy Wade, Hartford, Wisconsin (Bright of the Sky)

The books will go in the mail on Monday. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks to all the entrants for helping me celebrate the debut of my new blog and website! It’s readers like you that keep the fires lit and the stories coming. Thank you.

Win a Free Book

For the launch of my new blogging website, I’ll have a drawing for copies of The Entire and The Rose books. You can request one of the following three books: Bright of the Sky, A World Too Near or City Without End (but not the fourth and final book.)

The three winners will be announced on my blog April 23. Read More…