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Get Wild

Think of your favorite characters from recent books and film. Were they self-effacing and dependable? Did they wear beige and hate to tell a lie? I’m guessing not!

Why is it then, that we’re writing these folks into our stories?  I’m reading a book by a famous author who is not selling as well as he used to. His major character this time is rather bland. True, he has a rebellious streak. Yawn. It’s not enough.

You have boring friends. Sorry.

We may write bland characters because these are the ones we know. You and I have friends who are real estate agents, teachers, landscapers, programmers. They may also be avid rock climbers, devoted to their children, and belong to Friends of the Library. We don’t, most of us, know felons, revolutionaries, people who have survived airline disasters, flamboyant dressers, egotistical artists, cynical priests, or gifted loners who have lost their entire family. But why let that stop us? Part of our talent as writers is to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes for awhile. Read More…

Connecting Characters

You’ve got your novel’s cast of characters, let’s say. You’ve carefully considered the central conflict between two characters.You’ve thought through who else hinders–and helps–your protagonist. Some of these may feature prominently, heading up subplots.

If you’re inspired by Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, you may have discovered a character or two with dramatic archetype functions such as the mentor, threshold guardian, or herald. Fun stuff.

More work lies ahead. Read More…