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Write on the River a Hit

Elizabeth George and the conference chair (me).
Photo by Mike Irwin

Very jazzed to report that I helped put on a writers’ conference in Eastern WA yesterday, and it was a big hit.

Elizabeth George did us a huge favor by coming over from the Seattle area to join us as the Write on the River keynote speaker. (She’s on a major book tour for Careless in Red, her latest Thomas Lynley novel.) People Loved her talk; she was truly gracious and also quite frank about her mis-starts and worries early in her career, and we were delighted with her candid remarks, including those about how she puts a novel together. Read More…

What I’m Reading

I checked out some books that have hit at least one Best of the Year lists. Overall, I’m amazed, as ever, how different people’s perceptions are. Feel free to argue with me; I’d really like to hear other opinions.

Thirteen, by Richard Morgan. Man, can he write. I just love a book with the kind of finesse Morgan brings to the page. However this plot  seemed to fall apart in the middle. The story switches gears and the things you thought you cared about become irrelevant or torn away. That was disappointing, but his writing remained strong. Read More…

Best Little Writing Conference in the Universe

Registration’s open for Write on the River, the best little writing conference in the known universe. Saturday, May 17, and Wenatchee WA will get a big dose of literary lights. Workshops from the likes of Aaron Elkins, Kathleen Alcala, and the phenomenal Brian McDonald (on filmmaking). Also–and I’m not kidding–Elizabeth George! Register now or kick yourself later! Also, there’s a dandy little writing contest you might like to check out. It’s easy: (and hey, this is for those just starting out as writers!) just write 1,000 words beginning with “On the river . . .” (Closes February 4.)

E. George
Elizabeth George, Write on the River
Keynote Speaker