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PKD coattails

How fun to see Fast Forward 2, an anthology of original SF short stories as a finalist for the PKD award!

Congratulations to Lou Anders and the big list of authors, among whom somehow, I also got. (Probably not due to my grammar skills.)

Also, here in a thoughtful Black Gate review on Fast Forward 2 are some thoughts on the eternal subject of “What is science fiction.”

Cover Art for Fast Forward 2

The strange and marvelous cover art for Lou Anders’ anthology Fast Forward 2 is here. This is somewhat changed from earlier versions that have been released on the web. Take a look–with and without cover text. Is this retro-future or what? Love it.

I have a story in there, somewhere: “Cyto Couture.” Release date is October 21.

Picacio talked a bit on his blog about his inspiration for this design, and the origins may surprise you.