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Eight things I wish a pro had told me

This is the kind of post that every author gets around to writing sooner or later. I collect these when I can find them, because they’re often the very best advice that experienced writers can offer.

It’s a hard post to write because we have to admit we didn’t know these things when we needed to. Sometimes a post like this is written when we’re in a funk or, alternatively, in an exceptionally good mood, and our screw-ups don’t seem so damn dumb.

1. Don’t major in English. Don’t enroll in graduate writing courses. As an English major you will study a lot of fine older work, which you could in all honesty read by yourself. College writing courses are usually taught by people who haven’t published much, and inevitably, they will teach you how to write things like that. Sometimes a school lucks out and lands real working authors. But not often. Read More…