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Steampunk in San Jose

My favorite panel at World Fantasy Convention was “Why Steampunk Now?” A great subject. I mean, don’t ya kind of wonder what brought on this huge enthusiasm for 19th century technology, a reimagined British Empire, top hats and goggles? A fad, a band wagon, an aesthetic  — but why now? Read More…

Omnivoracious Calls Series a Classic

A very generous review from Jeff VanderMeer at Omnivoracious.

Suggesting that The Entire and The Rose is “part of a modern classic,” he says that “Bright of the Sky and just-released A World Too Near feature a brilliant SF setting that rivals Larry Niven’s Ringworld and Philip Jose Farmer’s Riversworld series for sheer invention, adventure, complexity, and sense of wonder.”

Check out this Amazon blog, anyway, if you haven’t already. Their motto: “Hungry for the next good book.”

“Bright” makes VanderMeer’s Best of the Year

Happy to note that, on Locus Online, Jeff VanderMeer lists Bright of the Sky as among the best books of 2007. He says:(‘Cause I know you’re curious!)

“Unique in conception, like Larry Niven’s Ringworld, this is the beginning to what should be an amazing SF-Fantasy series.”

Other books were: The Terror (Dan Simmons), Brasyl (Ian McDonald), Thirteen (Richard Morgan), Territory (Emma Bull) Zeroville (Steven Erickson), The Traitor (Michael Cisco), The Stone Gods (Jeanette Winterson) and Shelter (Susan Palwick)