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Cover Art for Fast Forward 2

The strange and marvelous cover art for Lou Anders’ anthology Fast Forward 2 is here. This is somewhat changed from earlier versions that have been released on the web. Take a look–with and without cover text. Is this retro-future or what? Love it.

I have a story in there, somewhere: “Cyto Couture.” Release date is October 21.

Picacio talked a bit on his blog about his inspiration for this design, and the origins may surprise you.

Hugo harumph

Why do the Hugo awards loom so large when fewer than 500 readers usually vote? Well, we’re a small community. What we lack in numbers we make up for in bull dog ferocity and banty-rooster defensiveness. So the Hugos are a big deal to the few thousand of us that pay attention. To the mundane mainstream–well, they’ve never heard of ’em.

I am trying to cover my disappointment with the awards this year. We’ve all got opinions on who won and who should have won. Looking into the numbers on the runners-up, I can say it sure looks like name recognition can tip the scales. No surprise, but it’s another reason I hate to see the Hugos overblown. Read More…