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Twenty feet from being Stephen King

Today’s offering is a guest post from Louise Marley, an award-winning author of historical fiction as well as science fiction and fantasy. Her musings on the writing life and the reach for stardom are generous and profound. Enjoy!


“There’s never a level playing field,” says Sting, in the brilliant documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom.  You can skip this little essay and go straight to your television to watch that film if you like. It speaks for itself.   As a metaphor for the show-biz aspects of writing, or indeed of any artistic endeavor, it has no equal.  And it comes accompanied by spectacular music. Read More…

Writing friends, beaches, alligators

If there isn’t a conference, con, or retreat in sight–or one you feel attracted to–create your own. That’s what Louise Marley, Sharon Shinn and I did last week, when we met up at a So. Carolina beach house to write for week, read out loud, talk about the biz and much else–and hit the beach. Also, we saw an alligator. No, not on the beach, but it Was in the wild. Read More…

A Red and Blue Marraige

I am amazed by all the self-righteous anger and personal snarkiness of this election. People keep repeating the same stale mantras, the discussions are a mile wide and an inch deep. Personal attacks and bile substitute for the issues–and that’s just around the dinner table! Oh well, it’s election season.

For a breath of fresh air, read Louise Marley’s marvelous essay on It’s entitled A Red and Blue Marriage. (A couple finds harmony beyond politics.)

What I’m Reading

I checked out some books that have hit at least one Best of the Year lists. Overall, I’m amazed, as ever, how different people’s perceptions are. Feel free to argue with me; I’d really like to hear other opinions.

Thirteen, by Richard Morgan. Man, can he write. I just love a book with the kind of finesse Morgan brings to the page. However this plot  seemed to fall apart in the middle. The story switches gears and the things you thought you cared about become irrelevant or torn away. That was disappointing, but his writing remained strong. Read More…

U Bookstore Thoughts

I got over to the big city last week. Yup, a bookstore signing in Seattle. When you’ve been on the rural side of the mountains and drive into Seattle, it is strange how, um, big the place looks. All that concrete, oh my. But it also has a marvelous cadre of sf/f writers and readers, one of the main reasons I go back.

Duane Wilkins hosted Louise Marley (

), Alma Alexander, and myself at the University Book Store, and we read from our new books, ate Louise’s brownies, and signed a bunch of books. The place was filled, so we were happy, and I’m pretty sure Duane was happy. Got to keep Duane happy. What would the Seattle SF scene be without him? Read More…