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Kay in Anthology of Optimistic SF

Delighted to report that a new anthology I’m in is getting fantastic reviews. It’s Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic Science Fiction, with stories by Alastair Reynolds, Eric Gregory and Mari Ness, among others.

Are you tired of relentlessly dreary futures, nihilistic predictions and downbeat plots? If so, then Shine is your antidote. Editor Jetse de Vries’ introduction is worth quoting: Read More…

“Shine” the Anthology of Optimistic SF

shine anthologyPleased to note that I’ve sold a short story to Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic Science Fiction. This anthology has been something that the editor, Jetse De vries, asked the authors to keep under wraps until now — since there will be a contest associated with it’s publication in April, and it will have something to do with guessing the authors’ works and other interesting exercises. I’ll announce the contest here. Stay tuned . . .

And yes, I’m fully capable of writing something optimistic.

Um, OK, it cost me dearly. And a beloved character does die, and terrible things happen – but other than that it really is quite bubbly.