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What they’re saying about A Thousand Perfect Things

Reviews and comments are coming in for the new book. Here are some of my favorites:

“The magic that was the glue that bound the story together and the magnificence of the lotus made for a book I just could not out down. This was my first Kay Kenyon book and I was super impressed. I have a new favorite author.”- NetGalley Reviewer

“A rich, gorgeous, marvelously detailed tapestry of a book.”  – Sharon Shinn

“A masterwork from the mind of one of our best authors of compelling alternate realities.” – Larry Brooks

This book is rich with details and mysticism. . . . It is a great mix of historical research with fictional, magical, world building. The cultures are deep and fascinating. The characters are equally as interesting, each with their own unique motivations. It is a great, rich, read. . . .  Very beautifully written. – A Dragon’s Love

I loved this book! It was a little bit strange, atmospheric and at times really beautiful. – Nocturnal Book Reviews

A story that twists and turns, draws you through the jungles of a magical and distant world that will leave you yearning for more.  From love and desire, to aspiration and inspiration and from conflict and loss, to healing and hope this book is paced full of everything you look for in a great story. . . .  I am almost begging for a sequel.  After reading this book you are so in love with Astoria, her  dashing military suitor, and her family that you can’t wait to find out how the story ends…and then emptiness sets in.   Then you realize – that is exactly what a good book does.  Seriously make yourself a piping cuppa your favorite tea, curl up and prepare for an amazing journey.  Through jungles, palaces, ruins and more your desire for adventure, love stories, and new places will be fulfilled. – Maggie McKeating’s Reviews Read More…

A *Star* from Publishers Weekly

Yikes, a Starred review from Publishers Weekly for Bright of the Sky. I knew the review was coming… somehow they get word to your publisher, but sneakily say nothing about whether the story is a groaner, so-so, or that it’s going to get serious love.

In such situations you sigh, remind yourself of how little, in the cosmic sense, reviews mean, how much fun you had writing the piece of shit (unless it is a work of art), and how you are certainly too seasoned to get worked up over One Person’s Opinion. Thus armed, you allocate to the situation a few 3:00 a.m. wakings (“How could they say something so cruel?”) and then go on with the current writing.

But they loved it!  Here it is: Read More…