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Critique Groups Reexamined

Don’t all pile on at once. I know you love your critique group, and maybe you’re right–but I have a few concerns, and a contrarian view of what such groups really accomplish.

I’m not going to paint all critique groups with one brushstroke. Writers at different career stages need critique groups for different reasons, and depending on where you are in your writing, you’ll be able to put together different constellations of members.

What Critique Groups are For

The usual wisdom for assembling a group of writers to regularly consider each others’ writing is:

  • to get constructive criticism of the members’ work
  • to suggest ways to solve problems (many groups say they don’t allow this, but in practice, it happens)
  • to gain the support of a small social network

What could possibly be wrong with this? Read More…

The Courage to Begin

Writing is fraught with uncertainty. Double that for starting a new project, much less your very first work of fiction.

Even experienced writers feel uncertain. What if the topic is uninspired, the concept derivative, or–worst of all–what if the writing is bad? My answer to all this is, so what? What if the concept could be better? Are you going to wait until summer for the concept to change or a better idea to arrive? Why not get started and let the subject matter guide you to a new twist on an old theme, or carry you to a new concept?

Writing Is an Act of Discovery

One of the great secrets of writing is that a hot story doesn’t start out that way. You don’t begin with a memorable story, you end up with one. Only in writing do we have a craft where the practicioners think it should be good at the outset! Read More…