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Three Things to See Before You Die

I am really stupid with jet lag. But not too stupid to look at my pictures. Here are some favs, including three places you must see during your lifetime because you will seriously regret it if you don’t (says I, who have made up most of the places I’ve gone, if that makes any sense!)

#1 The Plaza Mayor of Salamanca.

#2 The walled city of Avila

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Amazing Madrid

Not sure what day it is, but I´m guessing Saturday. Day two of My Big Trip to Spain. After finding this computer at an internet cafe, I was naive eoough to be surprised that the live journal menus are in Spanish! My handy translator is taking a nap, so I´m on my own, here. Fed three Euros into the little slot, and I´ll type until my time runs out.

Madrid is fabulous. The cab trip down the Gran Via to the hotel was stunning. The line of ornate, balconied, collonaded buildings is a feast. Take your eyes from the main street and each avenue is a winding, beautiful small passageway. We have wandered the old secton of the town for hours, entranced. I ask myself, why on earth can´t we build cities like this anymore! Read More…