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Best 2013 things

The year was amazing. Hard to pick the best things, but I’ll try:

Best literary novelBeautiful Ruins, Jess Walter.

amer elsewhere



Best SFFAmerican Elsewhere, Robert Jackson Bennett

Best first word from a child: warthog

Best sight: Early December in my garden: a red rose frozen solid and perfectly unfurled.


Best book store: A Book For all Seasons in Leavenworth, WA; here I am at Indie Authors First, Small Business Saturday at the store, handselling other people’s books.

Best TV series: Foyle’s War

Best espionage: The Spies of Warsaw, Alan Furst


Best trip: San Diego for son’s wedding at the lovely Bishop School in La Jollabendict hall

Best historical: Benedict Hall, Cate Campbell

Best best-seller: Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Best big conference: Worldcon, San Antonio

Best little conference: Write on the River, Wenatchee WA (OK, biased!)

Best book cover: My lovely A Thousand Perfect Things (OK, biased again!)9781624670954

Best unexpected nice thing: The Ingram sales rep said he Loved A Thousand Perfect Things

T.BrooksBest reading event: With Larry Brooks in Portland, SFWA Reading series



Best Interview: Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing with John Dodd and Timothy Ward




Sept, 2013 podcast interview from John Dodds and Tim Ward. My decision to write fantasy after 10 SF novels; my main character’s dilemma of love vs. ambition and what it says about women today; finding peace in the writing life. – See more at:

Book launch in Pacific NW

Image 4 - Version 2 I’ve been on the road for three days, participating in SFWA’s Reading Series in Kirkland WA and Portland OR. It was amazing to see old friends in Kirkland, where a bunch of folks turned up for my reading with Greg Bear and Peter Orullian.

Image 2

Me, Greg Bear, Peter Orullian in Kirkland


Peter, Kay, Terry

The rule was to read from a work in progress, so I tried out the first chapter of my current project, a historical fantasy set in Great Britain, the interwar years. It was great fun to see the reaction, very positive. I signed copies of A Thousand Perfect Things, which is speeding out into the world, after a three year process of writing it!

Greg Bear wowed us with a glimpse of his work in progress, and in Portland, Terry Brooks did a test run of the opening of his new SF novel. (Loved it.)

Duane Wilkins did a fantastic job with books for the Seattle area event, and Wrigley Cross in Portland sold out of A Thousand Perfect Things.

I loved talking to Shelley Rae Clift, John Pitts, David Levine, Art Boulton Tracy Erickson, Joel Pearson, Roz Greenberg, Carol and Ed Morrison and many more. Thanks to everyone who turned out for this lovely SFWA quarterly event! #SFWAauthors


Kay and Terry Brooks

What You Need to Succeed


Thank you for your attention. I’ll stand by for questions.


This past weekend Terry Brooks told a rapt crowd of 150 people at Write on the River that the #1 thing you need to succeed as a novelist is luck. He told a marvelous story of how luck factored into the sale of his iconic book, Sword of Shannara. And he had the humility to admit that for all the appeal of his stories, he still believes that luck is #1.

It’s not all you need, he said. You also need perseverance, determination, courage, a bit of talent and all the rest. But isn’t it interesting that coincidence, chaos, timing–however you define luck–plays so large a role?

The other point he made regarding luck is that you have to put yourself in a position to be lucky. That means you have to write and put your stuff in the mail (having practiced and worked at your story, etc.) So it doesn’t really mean that its all fated to happen or not, and we can coast. Read More…

A Circle of Friends

My best piece of advice in writing is “don’t go it alone.” The stereotype is that writers struggle in a lonely garret, poor and misunderstood. OK, writing is a solitary endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Once you meet other writers you’ll find a group of amazing, intelligent, compassionate and intense people who will form an irreplaceable circle of friends.

Writers Conferences

One place to start building your circle is at a writers conference.  In Western Washington, that might be Pacific Northwest Writers Association summer conference. It’s how I got my start–not only with the nuts and bolts of writing, but with becoming part of a writing community. In Eastern Washington your best bet is Write on the River (the Columbia, you know) on May 15-16 in Wenatchee. Read More…