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What Starts a Story?

There are many doors into a story. I’ve heard writers say they start with character or an image from the plot. Both are great jumping off points. But I do things a bit differently and it has some surprising benefits.

I start with the world.

Where will I take the reader? What milieu, what setting, what geography? Read More…

More on Concept

Last time I asked you to blurb your book. To state what your book is about in a sentence.

Hard, isn’t it?

I said that on the basis of that sentence you may prick the interest of a publisher; it will tell him something of how to position your book. It will inform your cover art. Even more, it will keep you on track for the months you’ll be writing.

I didn’t get any takers on trying to figure out the concept for Prince of Storms–Book Four of The Entire and The Rose–from the cover art. But here it is: A soldier is offered a kingship he despises but cannot refuse.

Now look again at the cover; it’s all there, I think. Note the throne on the left. It is abandoned and the sword is laid down. The stairs the king must mount are confining, leading to a leaden throne. It is undoubtedly a seat of power. But it is also a prison. The soldier gazes out on the wide land, yearning for something. The fighting is not done; he still wears his armor. But he doesn’t want the spoils. Read More…

Connecting Characters

You’ve got your novel’s cast of characters, let’s say. You’ve carefully considered the central conflict between two characters.You’ve thought through who else hinders–and helps–your protagonist. Some of these may feature prominently, heading up subplots.

If you’re inspired by Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, you may have discovered a character or two with dramatic archetype functions such as the mentor, threshold guardian, or herald. Fun stuff.

More work lies ahead. Read More…

Prince of Storms Out Early in Paperback

Pleased to announce that the concluding volume of The Entire and The Rose in trade paper is shipping early, on July 1st!  I’ll consider it a birthday gift for my next-day Queen of Everything celebration.

Pyr delivers a gorgeous cover with slightly different color treatment than the hardcover. I am thrilled with this brooding, dramatic and perfectly captured moment. Undying thanks to Stephan Martiniere for his care with my four-book series and for his genius.

From the reviewers:

Prince of Storms is the perfect conclusion to what could well be one of the most ambitious and fascinating ongoing scifi series out there. Highly recommended. . .” –Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“One of the most captivating multi-universe, multi-cultural settings in science fiction history.” –Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

See Kay’s interview with on the series.

More information on the series.


Signed copies. (hardcover, trade paper and Kindle editions) (all four books now available in audio editions)