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Prince of Storms review: “One of the most captivating multi-cultural settings in SF history.” –SF Site

Wow, a stellar review of Prince of Storms from SF Site. I know that I don’t get to believe all this (since I don’t believe my bad reviews!) but here goes:

From the SF Site review:

. . . . Titus’ desire, and need to save, protect, reconcile with, and love the women in his life, and the tragedy of his too often failures to do so, pervades the decisions Titus makes throughout the series. Those relationships also guarantee that no matter how grand the scheme of Kay Kenyon’s creation becomes, the story remains grounded in human concerns. The fate of two universes may be at stake, but the true tragedy lies in the fate of the people, human and otherwise, who live there.

When Bright of the Sky, the first novel in The Entire and the Rose appeared, comparisons were quickly made between Kenyon’s Bright, Larry Niven’s Ringworld, and Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld. With the publication of Prince of Storms, it’s just as easy to make comparisons to C.J. Cherryh’s many novels dealing with the relationships of power in society, and to Frank Herbert’s examination in Dune of the dangers inherent in trying to control the future. That’s pretty rarified company, and in the case of The Entire and the Rose completely deserved. With The Entire and the Rose, Kay Kenyon has crafted one of the most captivating multi-universe, multi-cultural settings in science fiction history, and used it tell a story of tragedy and loss, of decisions made and regretted, sacrifices made, and an ultimate re-birth and renewal. It’s a grand theme that more than matches its brilliant setting, and that makes The Entire and the Rose a landmark science fiction series of the twenty-first century, one that deserves a place on the bookshelf of science fiction readers everywhere.

–Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

Free Book Drawing: The Winners

Very happy to announce the winners of the drawing for a free book from my series, The Entire and The Rose. Thanks to all who entered from around the world!

In the interest of full transparency, I must reveal that when it came time to supervise the drawing, Sumo was nowhere to be found. My husband and I carried on without him, and here are the winners: (I added a fourth winner because we drew two names at once.)

Zack Delarosa, from Commerce City, Colorado. (A World Too Near)

Marina Bonomi, Sona, Italy (Bright of the Sky)

Ryan Mallady, Snoqualmie, Washington (Bright of the Sky)

Guy Wade, Hartford, Wisconsin (Bright of the Sky)

The books will go in the mail on Monday. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks to all the entrants for helping me celebrate the debut of my new blog and website! It’s readers like you that keep the fires lit and the stories coming. Thank you.

3 Free Chapters of PRINCE of STORMS

Getting ready for the publication of Prince of Storms next week, Pyr is offering the opening chapters of the book on their

Free copy.
And for a free hardcover copy of the book, with a chance to win the entire set of The Entire and The Rose, you can enter a drawing at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist. Don’t worry, it’s easy! edition available on Tuesday. Books one, two and three.

More Fine Design from Pyr

I keep thanking the writing gods for Pyr’s superb work–especially art direction–for “The Entire and The Rose” series. Incredibly beautiful books. You can see more of Pyr’s cover art and books here.

So this is the new trade paper version of Book Three of the series, City Without End, shipping on January 25. Cover art by the amazing Stephan Martiniere.

And although this cover looks like a celebration, as in perhaps a triumph over all odds, actually there’s much more to come with the fourth and final volume, Prince of Storms (Also a January 2010 release).