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“City” is Vicious

Fantasy Magazine (Joe Sherry) reviewed City Without End, calling aspects of it “vicious and beautiful” and urging folks “not to miss a single word.” Very generous review. Also gave the opinion that City Without End is better than A World Too Near which was in turn better than Bright of the Sky, and Bright of the Sky was “a strong opening volume.”  Now I’m *really* nervous about volume four!

Look Who’s Talking up Pyr

My publisher, Pyr, has been getting some accolades lately, and I’ve tagged along for the ride. Wow, a Pulitzer Prize winner has read Bright of the Sky?

(The following excerpts from a Prometheus press release:)

Junot Díaz, winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, says “Pyr books has in a few short years become the imprint to beat in the science fiction and fantasy fields.”

“[With The First Law series, Joe] Abercrombie has written the finest epic fantasy trilogy in recent memory. He’s one writer that no one should miss. Ian McDonald’s Brasyl is beyond superb. This novel should have beaten all comers for all the main awards. And who is writing space opera as sharp as Kay Kenyon in her The Entire And The Rose series?” Read More…


lap cat

Here I am on a Sunday night at my computer desperately trying to meet my novel deadline (Book 3 of The Entire and The Rose) and my cat insists on being in my lap and not allow me to type very well with my left hand. I allow this, because basically, I’m lonely. Just me and my novel . . . Read More…