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Novel excerpt: Knives in the orchard

Excerpts from A Thousand Perfect Things

This title has been released in trade paper. E-book formats available on August 27.

Check out some excerpts from my new novel, A Thousand Perfect Things! I’ve  chosen scenes that will minimize spoilers while still giving a flavor of the story. Each week I’ll post an excerpt on this blog, then add it to the Excerpts page. This is the second excerpt. You will also find this on the Excerpts page, along with previous excerpts.


Excerpt #2

Knives in the Orchard

Tori Harding, an 18 year old Victorian woman living at Glyndehill Manor in Shropshire, is an avid student of natural history, having been trained since childhood by her famous botanist grandfather, Sir Charles. Tonight, he is missing from his study, a concern because he has episodes of dementia. Tori must find him in the dark, with a threatening storm underway.


With Anna gone, Tori went out by the front door of the greenhouse and entered the pruned-back perennial garden, pulling her cape close against gusts of wind. Piano music trickled out from the parlor. Light poured through the windows of the great house faintly highlighting the sycamore trees. Empty.

She hurried past the gardener’s cottage–dark since he and his wife were on spring holiday–and on to the stables. In her rush, she produced a rolling gait that she had grown quite accustomed to. A few drops of rain needled in on the wind. Her grandpapa could be anywhere, and it was very cold, even for February.

With the great house now far enough behind to prevent hearing, Tori called for her grandfather, receiving no answer. He could be anywhere, but surely he had not gone so far. She should sneak back and take the rear stairs lest anyone think she had run recklessly outdoors in the conviction that Sir Charles had begun wandering. He was surely in his room now. However, just then she spied a gleam in the distance–a lantern–perhaps in the apple orchard. Read More…

Just released: A Thousand Perfect Things in paper



Great news! Because of terrific interest in A Thousand Perfect Things, my publisher has decided to release it now in paper! Copies at Amazon and your favorite bookseller.






Over the next several weeks I’ll be posting excepts from my new novel. I’ve chosen scenes that will minimize spoilers while still giving a flavor of the story. Hope you enjoy!

 A special e-book price of $3.99 will be offered on August 27 for a  limited time. Read More…

Casting the book

We all know the importance of the main character, the “star” in a story. But the wider cast is also crucial adding to the drama, complexity and believability. Here are some characters who inhabit A Thousand Perfect Things (August, 2013):

Important People In Book

The year is 1857 in an altered England called Anglica and an alternate India 9781624670954named Bharata.

Major character: Tori Harding, 18 year-old student and ardent supporter of her famous botanist grandfather.

Sir Charles Littlewood, the preeminent botanist of Anglica, age 87.

Colonel Terrence Harding, Tori’s father, who supports Tori’s scientific ambitions, but only so far. Read More…