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Kay’s Real Worldcon Schedule

Next week most of the science fictional world will be in Reno, Nevada for Worldcon. Here is my revised, improved, real and final schedule.

Added in is a  cool panel on the New Space Opera, and Walk with the Stars, a morning walk with a bunch of writers who will be generally herded along by a leader and you can join in and we can all admire the sights out near the Reno airport.


8:55 am- 9:50 – Stroll with the Stars – Cory Doctorow, Boris Vallejo and others (Walgreen’s parking lot)

1:00 – Far Future SF, Then and Now (A05)

6:00 – Green Tree, Blue Tree. Is it real worldbuilding or simply changing the names? (A10)


11:00 – Autographing (Hall 2)

12:30 – Reading (From my novel-in-progress. I’ll give away 2 copies of Bright of the Sky OR A World Too Near.) Room A-14.

5:00 – The New Space Opera with Alistair Reynolds and Johnathan Strahan (C01)

8:00 – Launch Party for new releases from Louise Marley and Brenda Cooper (Room 1552, the Atlantis)


 8:55 am- 9:50 – Stroll with the Stars – Lou Anders, Paul Cornell, John Piccacio (Walgreen’s parking lot)

And, fellow introverts, I will also be in the Atlantis bar from time to time. This is your chance to practice how to walk into a bar at a con. See my post for detailed instructions on how to navigate a crowded bar where everyone is already talking to other people and you would rather stick toothpicks in your cheeks than be there!

An Introvert’s Guide to Worldcon

This is part of my series “An Introvert’s Guide to Writing.” For more tips on going to conventions see post #5 in the Introvert series.

I’m going to Reno next week along with several thousand others, many of whom will, like me, wish they were somewhere else. Like in the hotel room writing or watching “House” reruns.

Why go to these endless networking confabs? People who say “To see my friends!” are doubtless looking forward to the dozens of close friends they have made in the biz. Maybe even hundreds of best friends! However, for the introvert, we are happy to see friends, of course, but both of them live in Indiana. So why are we going to Reno?

1. Because we learn stuff.

2. Because we may be able to do business with editors and collaborators.

3. And because, like it or not, we shall meet people.

Here is the thing about meeting people

The world is run by people, the writing/publishing business is run by people and the people we meet may know someone else who knows someone else who will be fun or productive to know. Thus, meeting people at conventions is a very nice door into the world you are trying to break into.

It just won’t happen all at once or all at one convention. It will be incremental. Read More…