The Dark Talents Novels

“Riveting”  “Outstanding” –Publishers Weekly

“Superbly executed” – Kirkus Reviews

My latest work is historical fantasy. Set in 1936 England and Europe, the trilogy features Kim Tavistock, who deals with dark Talents, Nazi conspiracies, and espionage in 1936 England and Europe. Recently optioned for film!


At the Table of Wolves, historical fantasy

Kim Tavistock has a Talent of drawing out truths people most wish to hide. Using this ability, and facing off with charismatic Nazi intelligence officer, she tracks down a secret German weapon for the conquest of England.  No one believes that an invasion is possible. And now only Kim, with her strange gift for espionage, can stop it.

“A superb adventure, worthy to launch a distinguished historical fantasy series.” –Publishers Weekly starred review

“Kenyon knocked it out of the ball park. . . .Highly recommended.” –SFFWorld

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In Book 2 Kim has been inducted into Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, and must track down the Nazi assassin who is systematically and ritually killing young people with Talents.

“Paranormal fantasy and historical fiction fans alike should find Kenyon’s saga featuring assassins, spies, and secret agents to be supremely entertaining. A unique concept that is superbly executed.” —Kirkus Reviews

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signed copy: A Book for All Seasons


Kim is undercover in Nazi Berlin. There she discovers the secret creation of a company of enforcers with perverted Talents used to compel citizen obedience. As winter and fascism descend on Europe, Kim is swept up in a race to stop a Nazi operation to enslave the continent.

“A rich cast of diverse characters and near-catastrophic escapes amid searing prewar tensions keep the pages of this outstanding historical fantasy turning.” Publishers Weekly starred review

Pat’s Fantasy Hot List top ten for 2019!

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signed copy: A Book for All Seasons


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Kay reads an excerpt: