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I write science fiction and fantasy. I've sometimes been told I don't look like the type, which always seems like a peculiar thing to say. What does an SFF author look like? Perhaps a little wild-eyed? A lot of hair that won't settle into place? Wearing outfits that no one else dares to?

Well, that is not me. I am curious about how people think, and what they'd do if placed in strange situations or incredible adventures. I love a carefully crafted tale that subverts my expectations and is deeply entertaining. Like a lot of writers I'm a bit introverted, thus long hours in the writing den is heaven to me. I get to hang out with other writers in my bi-monthly online chat, "Boost Your Writing Chops." I do a small bit on some aspect of writing fiction and answer questions. Check it out at!

My current project is a portal fantasy, The Arisen Worlds. Book 3, Servant of the Lost Power, is now on sale. The first two books are available as well: The Girl Who Fell Into Myth and Stranger in the Twisted Realm. Book 4, the final in the series, is coming soon. Here are some things that come to life in this series: a headstrong heroine, lost powers, treachery and betrayal, the best friend in the world, demons and magic wolves, a morally gray love interest. 'Nuf said.

Every career has highs and lows. For example, I have been a finalist for the Philip K. Dick award (Maximum Ice) and had a series optioned for film (The Dark Talents). I have abandoned no less than three novels and two elaborate concept treatments. I also brought one of them back to life after four years squirreled away in a file. I have walked away from a major publisher, killed a dog in a story, (boy, did I hear about that one!) and once published a novel in which I said that Vancouver was in northwest Canada.

I'm a founding member of a writing organization that is now in its eighteenth year of helping aspiring writers: Write on the River in Wenatchee, Washington. My husband and I have three adult children and a large tabby cat, Winston. (See picture, above.)We (husband and I) have a mutual love of science fiction and fantasy, though the cat loves them, too. I have never been the sporty type, but have been known to play a round of golf. I am inordinately fond of road trips and in a banner year once went to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Not much writing got done. That felt both guilty and immensely freeing.

I am back in the trenches now.

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Servant of the Lost Power, Book 3
Lost Power.jpg

A high fantasy of myth, multiple realms, and the crossings that connect them.

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