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The Girl Who Fell Into Myth book cover

After ancient societies like those of witches and elven were driven from the Earth, they fled to far-off realms. These medieval kingdoms forbid strangers to enter. Except for one woman, who is commanded to come.

The Girl Who Fell Into Myth (The Arisen Worlds, Book 1)

Now available in ebook, paperback and hardcover. 
Signed copies here.

Servant of the Lost Power, Book 3
Lost Power.jpg

A high fantasy of myth, multiple realms, and the crossings that connect them.


Praise for The Arisen Worlds Quartet

"A story of powers and magic on a grand scale. This will be a series to treasure." —Louisa Morgan, author of The Great Witch of Brittany

"[S]et in a richly imagined world of entangled mythologies, elusive magic, and bitter treachery, perfect for fans of complex, dark-edged fantasy." —Rachel Neumeier, author of the Tuyo series.

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Stranger in the Twisted Realm book cover

Stranger in the Twisted Realm (The Arisen Worlds, Book 2)


Sent to a mythical realm based in darkness, Yevliesza must conceal her rare, hidden power lest it be turned to conquest. But she is in the hands of a ruler-prince who is determined to bend her to his will. Unless she can outwit him.

Now available in ebook, paperback and hardcover. 
Signed copies here.

Lost Power.jpg

Servant of the Lost Power (The Arisen Worlds, Book 3)


To master her strange and rare power, Yevliesza must enter a hidden realm in the wilderness and unravel its secrets. If she succeeds, she can at last emerge from hiding. Waiting for her is a lone sorceress and a demon-inspired army.

Now available in ebook, paperback and hardcover. 
Signed copies here.

Keeper of Mythos

Keeper of the Mythos Gate (The Arisen Worlds, Book 4)

The dramatic series conclusion. The sorceress Nashavety is coming home. Accompanying an army of conquest, she will wield an immense and ancient magic—a legacy of the origin world, Earth. In her path, the girl with the lost power.

At the Table of Wolves book cover

At the Table of Wolves (A Dark Talents Novel, Book 1 of 3)


In an alternate 1936, psi powers have come into the world. In England, Kim Tavistock has the Talent of the spill in which people sometimes confide to her their deepest secrets. One critical spill pulls her into a contest of spies over a Nazi plot to invade England with a mysterious power over ice and cold. 

“A superb adventure, worthy to launch a distinguished historical fantasy series.”
 –-Publishers Weekly starred review

Serpent in the Heather book cover

Serpent in the Heather (A Dark Talents Novel, Book 2 of 3)

Kim Tavistock, who began her spy career as a citizen sleuth, is inducted into Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. In her first assignment she goes undercover at a remote castle in Wales to track down a Nazi assassin who is systematically and ritually killing young people with Talents.

"Superbly executed."
--Kirkus Reviews

Nest of the Monarch book cover

Nest of the Monarch (A Dark Talents Novel, Book 3)


Kim Tavistock is undercover in Nazi Berlin. She discovers a secret company of enforcers with perverted Talents used to compel citizen obedience. As winter and fascism descend on Europe, Kim is swept up in a race to stop a Nazi operation to enslave the continent. 

--Publishers Weekly

Queen of the Deep book cover

Queen of the Deep 


The Palazzo is a magical ship, both a colossal ocean liner and a Renaissance kingdom. Ruling over its denizens is an exotic and dangerous queen. Crossing over into this dazzling world, Jane Gray is pursued by Palazzo suitors, some of them deadly. To find her way home, Jane must discover the urgent secret of the ship's endless voyage.

A Thousand Perfect Things book cover

A Thousand Perfect Things


In this Victorian alternate history, a young English woman pursues a quest to find the legendary magical lotus in a kingdom far away. She will be tested by princes and kings, ghosts and jungle demons and, finally, the break out of war. But her highest challenge will be to choose between two suitors--and two irreconcilable realms. 

Worlds Near and Far book cover

Worlds Near and Far: Seven Science Fiction Tales 


Stories set in space and at home: We'll walk the decks of a generation ship, visit a starship graveyard and test-drive teleportation. On the home planet we'll watch gargoyles come to life, meet aliens who offer far-flung tourism, ride on the shoulders of an avatar and enter a new green world where metal and plastic bow down to the seeds of time.

Dystopia; Seven Dark and Hopeful Tales book cover

Dystopia: Seven Dark and Hopeful Tales


Collected here are stories of the world gone wrong in its hierarchies, ecology, governments, elite circles and controlling technologies. Enter seven dystopian worlds inspired by the Singularity, designer medicine, a few all-too-possible oppressive ideologies and, of course, the plain-old end of the world.

The Braided World book cover

The Braided World 


On a distant planet, the beautiful and human-like aliens beguile, but their culture repels the explorers aboard the earth ship Restoration. With its crew imperiled, an untested officer, Anton Prados, must grapple with palace intrigues, forbidden love, and a stunning ancient secret. John W. Campbell Memorial Award finalist.

Maximum Ice book cover

Maximum Ice


A space vessel returns to earth after centuries, only to find it blanketed in Ice--a mysterious ecology of information-bearing crystals. To find a home for her crew, Ship Mother Zoya must outwit the hostile denizens of this new earth, but the powers that feed off Ice will defend their kingdom with immortal cunning. P.K. Dick award finalist.

Tropic of Creation book cover

Tropic of Creation


Eli Dammond, a disgraced army captain, is marooned on a deserted alien planet. But he, his crew and fourteen-year old Sascha, a passenger, are about to learn of the perilous ecology that comes with a change of seasons. The only safety may lie in the nests of hostile aliens. Publishers Weekly starred review.

Rift book cover



On the terraformed planet Lithia, the green biosphere is unraveling. In its place is the old Lithia, toxic to some, but ideal for the alien orthong. When young Reeve finds himself alone on this remote outpost, he forges a team of misfits to bargain, fight, and outwit all those--human and alien alike--who struggle for control of the fragile realm.

The Seeds of Time book cover

The Seeds of Time 


Clio Finn is a time travel pilot on the run from a dystopian and graying Earth. Now, a long way into the future, she's found a planet with with plant life so vital, its seeds could give Earth a second chance. If she can get home from across the galaxy. With the enemies Clio's got, that's a very big if.

The Entire and The Rose Quartet

The acclaimed science fiction epic of Titus Quinn and the universe Entire. 

In audio. Other formats not available at this time.

Bright of the Sky    

Bright of the Sky audio book cover

Prince of Storms

A World Too Near

City Without End

A World Too Near audio book cover
City Without End audio book cover
Prince of Storms audio book cover

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