Sept 2022

♣ My new book just went up for preorder! It feels like the whole project is now public, although I've been talking about it on social media for months. And the project is: My new fantasy series, The Arisen Worlds. Book one is The Girl Who Fell Into Myth -- with thanks to my newsletter followers for helping my vet the titles for the series. The publication date is March 1, 2023, and the reason it's so far in the future is that I'd like to get the books out in a faster sequence than I'd normally be able to. Check out the book on the Books Page here, or at your favorite online retailer. (In March the book will also be available in trade paper and hardcover. Hurrah

May, 2022

♣ I'm excited to be underway with a cover designer for my new fantasy series! I don't say much about works in progress, but in previous posts I've already said it's a series, high fantasy . I discuss my projects a bit more in my newsletters, so consider signing up for it and get early disclosures, giveaways, and ways to pitch in. (I just acquired a few beta readers and proofers from my newsletter, and very grateful for the help!

The Winston report: The good news: He has totally subdued Pizza Face after nearly a year of border skirmishes and blood-letting. The bad news: He's now weighing in at nineteen and a half pounds, so I put him on a diet, which he hates, but which the vet assures me is for his own good!

March, 2022

♣ I've been hunkered down finishing the first book of my new fantasy series. Which was going to be a trilogy, and now I'm planning for a quartet. Actually Did finish the book, but now I'm going to delay publication to put the books out a little faster than I'd normally be able to. I'll be indie publishing them, a new undertaking! Also I'm fussing with titles, because now I have to come up with four.

Winston news. (Thanks for asking.) He is doing better with cat-next-door (Pizza Face--my name for the creature) and appears to have carved out his territory among the local felines. A few extra notches in the ears, but you should see Pizza Face! (I didn't give him that name out of the blue.) 

October, 2021

♣ I've been invited to teach at Apex Writers on Saturday, November 20th, 8 AM PST on Zoom. I'll be giving my class on pacing: "Move Along, Folks." The great advantage for me with on-line events is that I don't have to travel. Wenatchee, WA is always a challenge to fly out of.  Anyway, you might want to check out Apex Writers. You have to apply to join, but sounds interesting. They have chats with published writers and industry-types twice a week and a lot of other stuff.

September, 2021

♣ I never know how much to say about a new work in progress. Usually mum about these things out of a deep-seated weird opinion that if you talk about a book more than just-a-little, you squander some of the intention to write it. I know, it's a bit puzzling. But writers tend to have buried (or sometimes public) superstitions about writing. Like having to have a decent manicure to write or never to use the letter Q in a title. In fact this is a fun question to ask writers, and I'm going to ask it Facebook as soon as I'm done with this post!

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The Girl Who Fell Into Myth, Book 1
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A high fantasy of myth, multiple realms, and the crossings that connect them. Coming March 1, 2023

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