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40% Off 3 eBooks on Kobo

I have three titles in the Kobo 40% OFF sale. THROUGH MONDAY, JULY 31. If you haven't snagged these books yet, give them a look! (Sale is only in US, UK, Australia & New Zealand.)

To get the discount: At check out, use this code: 40JULY


An alternate history fantasy set in 19th century England and India--when a Victorian woman takes on the scientific establishment, palace intrigues, ghosts, and a great mutiny--by marshaling the powers of magic. "Romantic and fantastical."


An enchanted ship on a dark voyage and the woman who must steer her way home.

"Fascinatingly conceived, brilliantly handled." --Mike Resnick

"Romantic, theatrical, magical." --Sharon Shinn

Science Fiction

No matter how bad things get, there will always be people who refuse, rebel, and survive. Enter these dystopian worlds of the Singularity, designer medicine, a few all-too-plausible oppressive ideologies and, of course, the plain-old end of the world.


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