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A World Too Near Arrives!

Thrilled to announce that A World Too Near is now in stock at Amazon! (And signed copies can be shipped from A Book For All Seasons.) A World Too Near is Book Two of the series that began with Bright of the Sky. It has received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, and was described by Booklist as a story of “Intense action,” with the world “a vibrant, fascinating place.”

A peek at the plot: Titus Quinn is chased by his past. He’s done things people hate him for. (Those of you who’ve read Book One know what I mean.) In A World Too Near he comes back to The Entire–a place of terror and wonder–a universe that tunnels through our own. He wants to redeem himself, but what he’ll be asked to do cannot be done: to bring down the ancient fortress of Ahnenhoon. After all, it was built by the masters of the universe. And someone he loves dearly is held captive there. He has to choose. The dilemma is enough to make you believe in the Miserable God of the Entire. But Titus does win a prize. It’s just not the one he was expecting.

To start at the beginning of the series, Bright of the Sky is now available in trade paper format.


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