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Book 4: Halfway there

2024 is here, and I'm committed to making it the best year ever. May your year be fulfilling and happy! My goals this year are to bring more peace and awareness into my moments, continue my volunteer teaching, and publish the final book in my 4-book series. Read on!

New book alert: Book three of my fantasy quartet will be out on February 20!

With Servant of the Lost Power, I will have brought out three books in eleven months, a big push for me as an author. The books—including The Girl Who Fell Into Myth and Stranger in the Twisted Realm—are available at most on-line retailers.

Report on book four of The Arisen Worlds quartet

I'm really excited about how the final installment, Keeper of the Mythos Gate, is going. At page 226, I'm a little over half way. I know how it ends, but so curious to see exactly how it all turns out.

Ask your writing questions

You're invited this Thursday to Boost Your Writing Chops. I'll be doing a tiny bit of teaching, sharing ways to optimize stories and gain confidence. People bring their writing issues to the group or just listen-in. The $5 fee goes to support the worthy goals of Write on the River. 5:00 to 6:00 PM PST. Join us!


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