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Book giveaway

My publisher is holding a giveaway for signed ARCs of their nine lead titles for fall, including my latest novel, A Thousand Perfect Things. Check out this cool site to enter the contest, or see the giveaway button on my fan page, Kay Kenyon, Author.  June 15 deadline to enter.

3 Gates of the Dead: Jonathan Ryan Follows Aidan Schaeffer, a young assistant pastor whose fiancé is a victim in a series of ritualistic killings. Aidan investigates but threatens to corrupt his very soul with the otherworldly truth behind the slaughter of innocents.

No Way Out: Alan Jacobson When a firebomb destroys an art gallery in London, FBI Profiler Karen Vail is sent overseas to work with Scotland Yard. Vail discovers the motive behind the attack—an explosive 440-year-old manuscript that political radicals will destroy at all costs.

A Thousand Perfect Things: Kay Kenyon This fantasy novel is set in an alternate 19th century Earth, where a war rages between scientific Anglica and magical Bharata. Tori Harding, an aspiring botanist must journey into the world of magics to claim her fate.

Board Stiff: Xanth #38: Piers Anthony In “Board Stiff” a young woman makes a wish for adventure and excitement because she is board stiff. The mischievous fates in turn transform her into a plank of wood.

Merrick: Ken Bruen “Merrick” is a noir crime story set in New York City about a rogue ex-cop from the Irish Guarda, who is actually a serial killer wanted for murder in Ireland.

Charisma: Barbara Hall Sarah Lange is plagued by heavenly voices and a desire to go “home”, after a near death experience. Frightened by her desire to die, she enlists Dr. David Sutton, a scientist who struggles to save Sarah and to believe.

A Reign Supreme: Richard Crystal A musician discovers he is half-brother to a Kenyan King who needs his help to save his people from genocide and the greed of corrupted officials, when a copper deposit is found on their ancestral lands.

Rubber Soul: Greg Kihn A rock murder mystery that takes readers on a ride through Beatlemania—from the early days in Liverpool to six sold out shows per night in Hamburg.

Soul Numbers: Michelle Arbeau Teaches readers how to decipher the message behind any number sequence and how to apply that information to successfully navigate their lives.

Happy reading!


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