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Campaign ends in 45 hours!

The Arisen Worlds Kickstarter campaign heads into the last hours a resounding success! I'm thrilled with the reception for the special edition hardcovers of my series - and the number of backers. To celebrate, I've now unlocked all the stretch rewards, so I can provide them to All backers!

There's still time to cruise through my award-winning site and grab some of these offerings: The complete series in eBook and paperback (and in color illustrated deluxe hardcover editions), a new short story or two, including an audio short voiced by me, a color map of the Realm of Numinat, some digital art cards of the characters and a few of my previous novels you might have missed.

To keep in mind: Those who opt for the whole series will be getting an early read of Book 4, Keeper of the Mythos Gate, since it won't be at retailers until Sept. 3!

Ends Tuesday at 2:30 pm PDT! To View campaign HERE. If you have questions about my project, feel free to reach out to me on my Contact page.

The map of the main realm of the many-worlds Mythos.

Voiced by me* The origin story of the Mythos! (* Once upon a time I was a voice actor for radio and TV.)

Under-the-dust jacket case designs for the deluxe hardcovers.


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