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Casting the book

We all know the importance of the main character, the “star” in a story. But the wider cast is also crucial adding to the drama, complexity and believability. Here are some characters who inhabit A Thousand Perfect Things (August, 2013):

Important People In Book

The year is 1857 in an altered England called Anglica and an alternate India

named Bharata.

Major character: Tori Harding, 18 year-old student and ardent supporter of her famous botanist grandfather.

Sir Charles Littlewood, the preeminent botanist of Anglica, age 87.

Colonel Terrence Harding, Tori’s father, who supports Tori’s scientific ambitions, but only so far.

Elizabeth Platt, a teacher, who will join the 1,000 mile caravan to magical Bharata and become Tori’s fast friend.

Edmond Muir-Smith, a captain with King’s Company of the fusiliers, who will be sent to “show the flag” in Bharata and charm the Anglic woman who dare to journey with him.

Mahindra, a Bharata sadhu (holy man) and revolutionary who lost his sons against the Anglics.

Prince Uttam, Rana of the princely state of Kathore, who offers hospitality and withholds deadly secrets.

Jai, youngest son of the Rana; a hemophiliac, friend to Tori, and perhaps something more . . .

Sahaj, heir to the throne of Kathore, whose best friends are two silver tigers who understand him better than he could possibly know.

Lieutenant Ned Conolly, political officer attached to Uttam’s court, playing a double game, or is it triple?

Drapadi, Jai’s long-dead ancestor, who still pursues her ambitions. Being dead is no obstacle, especially with a host of demons at her side.

. . . and many more!


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